Hati Bracelet - Ink

Hati Bracelet - Ink

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Hati is an adjustable bracelet. Matte glass beads are unexpectedly accented with gold details and adorned with two, free-moving, dissimilarly-sized gold spheres.

Accented with 14k gold-filled beads, we created patterns and details that work beautifully in singular presentation or in layered combinations.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in Abacus Row's  San Francisco studio.


Color – Ink – a dramatic black

Cord Color – black

Sizes –  M/L

Sizing – This bracelet is adjustable.

M/L size measures 9.5” at its full length and may be adjusted to 6.5”. This size will fit most. The widest part of the hand should measure less than 9.5” in circumference to comfortably move the bracelet on/off.

Materials – Japanese glass seed beads, 14k gold-filled beads and findings, silk cord